Below are several ways you can celebrate Parliamentary Law Month with your unit. We encourage you to be creative and have fun with your celebrations.

Capture Your Parliamentary Procedure Testimony
Share your love for parliamentary procedure with the world. Grab a NAP member or friend to film your parliamentary procedure testimony to share on NAP’s social media. We ask that you explain in 60 seconds how you got involved with parliamentary procedure, how you heard about NAP, why others should be interested in parliamentary procedure or NAP, and the importance of parliamentary procedure in meetings. We also ask that you include your name and state and unit affiliation. Once you have finished, upload your recording to Dropbox so we can publish it. Be sure to follow NAP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so you don’t miss your video.

Capture Your Celebrations
Document your exciting Parliamentary Law Month celebrations with “Unit Ussies” or group selfies. Upload your pictures to NAP’s Dropbox and we will include it on our social media.

Ideas for Daily Parliamentary Law Month Celebrations
Join units and association around the country as they celebrate Parliamentary Law Month. This calendar features ideas for unit lessons and activities that make your celebration extra special. It features a motion-of-the-day that highlights a motion you can explore over a mini session or workshop or feature on your social media and website.

Engage the youth in your community by contacting schools and youth organizations to present a lesson on parliamentary procedure. Encourage the youth to join NAP as student members. If possible, support them with a scholarship from your unit or donate in their honor to the student internship program through the NAP Youth Fund. You can learn more about student membership by watching this recorded webinar.

Another way to celebrate is to recognize the national leadership and Headquarters staff with a shout out on social media, thank you card or note, or by donating a copy of RONR to a school or library in their name.

Fun Things to Do with Your Unit
Share your excitement and celebrations with your fellow unit members. Below are a couple of ideas and ways you can gather together to celebrate:

  1. Chat and Chew – get together over a meal and use the time to get to know each other better.
  2. Movie night – pop some popcorn and watch your favorite movies that feature parliamentary procedure.
  3. Throw a BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) Party and dress up as your favorite motion. Be creative – one idea is to wear suspenders to represent suspending the rules.
  4. Create a commercial for your unit and promote it on your website and social media.
  5. Host a game night with card and board games or create your own parliamentary BINGO card.
  6. Give back to your community by volunteering at a local community service organization.
  7. Invite another unit in your area out to dinner.