Updated 01/03/2020


FAQ on New RP Credentialing System
Rules Governing Requirements to Qualify for Registered Membership in NAP Under the New RP Credentialing System
Criteria for Credentialing document (detailed explanation of new system)
Standards for Registered Parliamentarian Under New Credentialing System
Standards for Professional Registered Parliamentarian Under New Credentialing System
Application to Become Registered Parliamentarian Under New Credentialing System
Information on Becoming a Registered Parliamentarian Under the Legacy 1200-Question-Based Examination (still temporarily available as an alternative)
Application to Become Registered Parliamentarian Through the Legacy 1200-Question-Based Examination)

Following the 2019 convention, the Commission on Credentialing voted to administer the new credentialing system to RP candidates recognizing that the new credentialing system is still in the testing process, while allowing the existing Beta Testers to continue. RP candidates applying on or after August 1, 2019 to the new system will test it but, unlike the Beta Testers, will be required to pay the $150 application fee established by the Board of Directors for the new system.

However, in the interest of fairness to the NAP membership, the Commission also reinstated the former Registered Parliamentarian examination system (1200 question-based) effective November 1, 2019. Members of NAP who wish to attain the RP credential through that system may register for that examination using this application. How this affects members who are not credentialed is more fully explained below:

New RP Candidates Who Have Already Applied to the New System

If you have already applied and paid the fee to attain the RP credential through the new system, you have the choice of remaining with the new system or switching to the 1200 question-based examination system. If you switch to the previous system, all applicable fees will be required, but the Board of Directors has authorized the $150 fee you paid to begin the new system to be applied toward the 1200 question-based exam. In deciding whether or not to switch, you should be aware that to facilitate analysis of testing, the deadlines for completion of each Step have been shortened, while it is in testing mode, to 270 calendar days for Step One, 180 calendar days for Step Two, and 90 calendar days for Step Three. These deadlines are subject to extension, including in cases in which there may be substantial delays in the testing or evaluation process.

New RP Candidates Who Have Not Yet Applied to Become RPs

As of November 1, 2019, individuals who have not yet applied to become RPs through either system will have the choice on whether they wish to take the reinstated RP 1200 question-based examination or join the new system as a tester. That irrevocable decision must be made at the time the candidate applies for the exam. Frequently asked questions about the new RP system are available at https://www.parliamentarians.org/rp-basics/09232019. 

Current Beta Testers

If you were selected to participate as a Beta tester for the new system, you may continue with the new system. The deadlines described above for those beginning the new system on or after August 1, 2019 apply to you, but are calculated as though you began Step One on January 1, 2020. However, as a volunteer, you are free to opt-out of the new system and attempt to attain the RP credential through the previous system (1200 question-based). If you choose to opt out of the new credentialing process, you will have to pay the regular fees to take the 1200 question-based exam.

All Candidates

At such time as the Commission determines that the new system is ready for full implementation, with at least 90 days notice it will disseminate as widely as possible the new date the old system will no longer be available. Any candidates who opted for the 1200 question-based examination system who have successfully completed two or more parts of that examination (not including Part I) as of that date will be permitted to continue under that system in accordance with the rules and deadline dates established for that exam. Applications for the 1200 question-based Registration Examination may be found here and submitted to .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the Commission on Credentialing know it will discontinue the old system?
    The Commission will make that determination based on the results of the psychometric analysis of testers. There will be a minimum of 90 days’ notice announcing when the old system will no longer be available.
  2. It is my understanding that not all parts of the new system are ready to be taken by the Beta testers and others who wish to attain the RP through the new system. When does the Commission expect Step Two and Step Three to become available? 
    One of the major factors influencing the decision of the Commission to reinstate the old system is that Steps Two and Three of the new system are not completely finished and tested. While no firm date for completion of Step Two and Three can be projected, the Commission is committed to completing the training of the evaluators for Steps Two and Three and filming the videos for Step Three as quickly as possible.
  3. I’m currently an RP candidate (or Beta tester) under the new system but I think I would prefer to switch to the old system. What do I do?
    Anyone who applied as an RP candidate under the new system or was previously selected for Beta testing who wishes to opt-out must email the Commission through the email address: and inform us that you no longer wish to continue pursuing it. You will have to apply to take the 1200 question-based exam through the NAP website. If you paid the $150 application fee for the new system, that payment will be applied toward the fees for the old system. Otherwise, you will need to pay all fees associated with that test and adhere to the timelines established for its completion.
  4. I have already successfully completed two or more parts of the 1200  question-based exam (not including Part I). How does the decision of the Commission affect my RP candidacy?
    The decision of the Commission does not affect your candidacy. You must, however, adhere to the deadline established by the Membership and Registration Examiners Committee for that exam.
  5. I want to know which system is easier to complete.
    So does the Commission. To answer that question, the Commission will administer longitudinal surveys to the RPs who attained the credential through the new process. It is the belief of the Commission that taking 8 quizzes in Step One and having to learn less material for each exam will prove to be a rigorous, but easier pathway to the RP credential. Since the old system did not measure application, the Commission cannot compare that aspect of the new system to the old system.