Understanding RP Step Three

In Step Three, the candidate will use their knowledge and skills to demonstrate serving as a parliamentarian in a simulated meeting.

The plan is to provide an entire meeting (approximately an hour-long) on video where the candidate will meet online in real-time with two evaluators.

A video will be played with the candidate serving as the parliamentarian for this meeting.

  1. There will be at least three possible versions that will be used randomly.
  2. Before the assessment, the candidate will be given appropriate materials about the fictional organization and the meeting to use in preparing.
  3. During the meeting, on occasion, the chair will look at the candidate and ask a question.
  4. The video recording will be stopped for the candidate to provide an answer while the evaluators listen and record their evaluations of this response.
  5. Sometimes the chair will make a serious error that should require the parliamentarian to stop the proceedings to give advice.

• This advice will be evaluated as well.
• If the candidate fails to intervene, they will miss the points for the expected intervention, but will be given an opportunity to opine on whether the procedure is correct.

Why the Commission thinks a meeting simulation is a good assessment tool:

  • The candidate has shown whether or not she can respond in a meeting quickly and accurately, the key requirement for a competent parliamentarian
  • With an entire hour-long meeting, the candidate will get the opportunity to consider many different rules and situations that occur frequently in ordinary meetings. The evaluators should get a good sense of this candidate’s readiness to do the job as a professional.
  • As in a real meeting, the candidate will have advance knowledge about the fictional organization and the meeting and will be able to consult RONR and these references if needed. However, it is important that the candidate rarely consult RONR for rules that should be in memory and that these searches are accomplished quickly.
  • If we are able to provide Step Three meeting simulations online, there will be no need to travel, pay for hotels, etc. since all of the participants can be at home.
  • If the candidate is not successful on the first attempt, other video recordings of different simulated meetings will be available for re-takes.

Working within a pandemic:

  • However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Commission to delay the video recording since it must be done in person. It had been scheduled for June 2020, but it is now unlikely to be possible to make these videos before 2021.
  • Therefore, the Commission has agreed to provide a live video with Commissioners serving as evaluators for any candidate who is ready for Step Three before the videos are ready for them.

To see a demonstration of a few minutes of a Step Three video, click here. (Your computer will need the software for Microsoft PowerPoint as well as video-playing software.)

What Will Be Tested in Step Three
• If you wish, you may see a comprehensive list of the Performance Expectations for RPs for all Steps in the RP Performance Expectations document.

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