Photos from NAP Events

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The National Association of Parliamentarians maintains a photo website to store photo albums of  NAP events.

Several viewing options are available. “Thumbnails” (small pictures) appear at the left. Clicking on a thumbnail enables a bigger picture on the right. If you allow your cursor to remain over the selected picture, a menu option appears from the right with a number of viewing sizes from which to select. When the selected image size appears, a right click on the displayed picture will offer a free “save as” download to your computer. Do not click the “buy” button as that is for professional photographers who sell their photos on the Smugmug site. If you prefer just looking at the photos, there is a “slide show” option in the upper right.

There is also a “search” window at the upper right of the window near the magnifying glass. To find pictures of a particular individual, type that person’s last name in the search window. Searching is not case sensitive.

The NAP Board has set guidelines for use of the photos in the NAP Operational Policies & Procedures, Section 8.6.

The Photo Committee makes every effort to caption photos with the event and the names of people in photos. Viewers are encouraged to enter a “comment” in the album identifying individuals in the picture or making corrections to current information by entering a comment at the bottom of the screen.

You may also e­mail comments or questions to HQ@nap2.org Please refer to the image number (e.g., IMG_1234) or the photo number in the album (e.g., 125 of 482).

The Photo Committee hopes that NAP members enjoy the photos!