What Effect Does the New Credentialing System Have on You?

No one who holds Registered Parliamentarian® (RP) or Professional Registered Parliamentarian® (PRP) credentials will be required to go through the new credentialing process to retain those credentials. In addition, the current processes to maintain RP status and to maintain PRP status for the present remain the same. The Commission does not intend to address changes to the current renewal process until after both the new RP and PRP credentialing programs have been implemented

What if someone who attained RP credential other than through the new RP credentialing process wishes to advance to PRP status? Such an RP will have a period of no less than two years from the Legacy Professional Qualifying Examination Retirement Date to employ the then-current process to attain PRP status. (The exact grace period will be included in the Credentialing Commission announcement that sets the Legacy Professional Qualifying Examination Retirement Date.)

One who first became an RP under any process preceding the new credentialing system who wishes to advance to PRP after the grace period expires will be required first to successfully complete the new RP credentialing process. (If such an individual is unsuccessful in completing the new RP credentialing process, he or she will not lose RP status, but will remain ineligible to advance to PRP status unless that RP later successfully completes the new RP credentialing process.)

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