How to Apply and Begin

  1. Apply through the link below.
  2. Pay $200 application fee in the Online Store portion of the NAP website. Unlike the legacy RP system, this covers the full RP credentialing process, including re-takes, as long as each Part is sequentially successfully completed within the required deadlines.
  3. You will receive an email with log-in information & access to the Schoology online platform.
  4. Log in to Schoology. By clicking on “COURSES” in the blue ribbon at the top, and then on “My Courses” in the upper right of the webpage that will then come up, you will see that you have access to two “Courses”:
    What Will Be Tested in RP Step One” – where you will find separate lists of what will be tested for each Part in Step One
    Begin RP Candidacy” – where you will be asked to:

    1. Read information and take a quiz to be sure you understand the key requirements.
    2. Affirm the Honor Pledge
  5. You will then be given access to Step One, Part 1. Good luck!



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