• Step Two involves preparing written assignments using Microsoft Word, and uploading them in the Schoology system for scoring by trained evaluators. These are all things that a parliamentarian does outside of a meeting.
  • All four of the Parts must be successfully completed to progress to Step Three.
  • For each assessment, you will be given access to full information about the assignment and a rubric (scoring guide) so that you will know what to expect and how it will be scored. There will be alternate versions and second chances for most of these assessments.

The Four Parts in Step Two

Part 1

A. Draft a resolution
B. Short Answers to 3 parliamentary questions
C. Write a newsletter article on the amending process
D. Write a letter answering a client’s questions
E. Correct a client’s draft order of business

Part 2

A. Prepare motion scripts for a meeting.
B. Write answers to questions on governing documents and custom
C. Answer questions on ethics
D. Business practices: prepare letter of agreement, fee schedule and invoice
E. Correct draft minutes
F. Answer a question on bylaws interpretation.

Part 3

A. Bylaw amendments
B. Committee report
C. Meeting script

Part 4- Teaching Demonstration

Working within a pandemic:

  • We were not able to train evaluators, so all evaluations are currently being done by the Commissioners ourselves.
  • Once COVID-19 allows recruiting and training evaluators, all written assignments will be scored by two evaluators, and the process will be double-blinded. The evaluators won’t know who the candidate is, and the candidate won’t know who the evaluators are.

What Will Be Tested in Step Two

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