Availability of Legacy Registration Examination

For now, the Legacy Registered Parliamentarian® (RP) Examination remains available as an alternative to the new RP Credentialing Process.

After the Registered Parliamentarian® credential has been successfully attained by some candidates through the new RP Credentialing Process, the Commission on Credentialing will announce, with at least two months’ notice, the Legacy Exam Retirement Date. It is anticipated that this announcement will come at some point during the first half of 2021.

Anyone who, on the Legacy Exam Retirement Date, has successfully completed at least two parts of the legacy registration exam other than the research (open book) part will be permitted to attain the status of Registered Parliamentarian® by successfully completing the remaining parts of the legacy exam within the time limitation then in effect, as set by the NAP Membership and Registration Examiners Committee.

While applications for the legacy registration examination will remain available until the Legacy Exam Retirement Date, members considering new applications to the legacy exam should take into account what they judge to be the likelihood they will be able successfully to complete the required two parts (independently of whether they successfully complete the research part) by that date, as well as successfully complete the remainder of the parts within the time limitation set by the Membership and Registration Examiners Committee, as new applications for the legacy exam will not be available after the Legacy Registration Exam Retirement Date.

If you wish information on the consequences of obtaining or having obtained the RP under the legacy system for obtaining PRP status, click here.

For information on the Legacy RP exam, including how to apply for it, click here.

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