If you missed any of NAP’s live webinars, you can now watch them online at your convenience. Each is presented by Professional Registered Parliamentarians. The following webinars are now available for purchase in the NAP Online Store:

  •  “What an Assembly May Not Do”: This webinar, presented by Dan Seabold, asks the question, “Why can’t an assembly do whatever it wants?”
  • “Discipline”: Presented by Dennis Clark, this webinar addresses how to deal with offenses that occur during a meeting.
  • “Bylaws Bridge Building”: This webinar, presented by Sandy Olson, covers bylaws basics and intricacies, including terms of office, meeting rules, and who appoints a committee.
  • “Committee of the Whole”: Presenter Richard Hayes speaks about committee of the whole, quasi committee of the whole, and informal consideration as subsets of the motion to commit or refer.
  • “Governing Documents”: Presenter Mary L. Remson discusses documents of authority.
  • “Agendas”: This webinar, presented by Darlene Harens, discusses the essentials of an agenda, including why to use one and the steps involved.
  • “Parliamentary Toolkit”: Kay Crews explains why everyone – from president to parliamentarian – should have a “toolbox” and what it should include.