How quickly two years fly by!  With the approach of the NAP biennial convention in September 2015, it is already time to think about who will serve on the next board of directors. Members will elect the 2015-17 NAP board of directors during the convention in Arlington, Virginia.

Individuals interested in running for the board need to declare their candidacy as directed in the NAP Campaign Policy, which is included in the NAP Operational Policies and Procedures Manual in the Documents section of the NAP website. (The consent-to-serve form also may be obtained by contacting NAP headquarters.) NAP does not have a nominating committee so interested members need to self-nominate.

Candidates who have declared their candidacy prior to the second quarter issue of National Parliamentarian® will be presented in the magazine. This is one of the few ways members have of getting to know the candidates prior to the election. Therefore all candidates are encouraged to submit a statement (200 words maximum) and high-resolution photo of themselves for publication in the magazine.

The photo and statement must be submitted by March 1 to the editor, Tim Wynn at  or mail to Tim Wynn, NP Editor, P. O. Box 54, Lake Helen, FL  32744.