What to Expect

Step 1: Seven online 40-question quizzes, each of which has a total time limit of 60 minutes and evaluates the ability to apply a different category of commonly used parliamentary rules, and an eighth “open book” quiz of 17 individually timed questions that evaluates a candidate’s ability during a meeting to quickly look up and advise how to apply less commonly used rules. Applicants have 270 days to successfully complete Step 1.

Step 2: Several written assignments (all “open book”) demonstrating skill in performing the things a parliamentarian should be able to do outside of meetings, like drafting bylaw amendments, answering parliamentary questions, providing workshops, and preparing scripts. Applicants have 180 days after completing Step 1 to successfully complete Step 2.

Step 3: The capstone: serving as parliamentarian during a meeting simulation. Applicants have 90 days after completing Step 2 to successfully complete Step 3.

Reasonable Accommodation (Rule 5). A) Any RP candidate, or regular member desiring to become an RP candidate, who based on disability or language barrier desires variation of the standard requirements may request reasonable accommodation. Such a candidate is asked to include in the request suggestions for how the candidate might best be reasonably accommodated. The request may be made by or on behalf of the candidate through email to or by contacting NAP headquarters. The Commission is committed to make all reasonable efforts to accomplish such accommodation.
B) Prospective RP candidates who are not fluent in English will be permitted to take the old RP exam to earn their credentials until the new system is fully translated into the language of their country.

For a complete list of rules governing requirements to qualify for registered membership please visit https://www.parliamentarians.org/rp-rules/09232019

For more information and frequently asked questions on the new process please click here www.parliamentarians.org/rp-basics/09232019.

How to Apply

You must be a member of NAP to apply for the RP Exam. Please fill out the form below. Once completed, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to purchase the exam through the online store.

The Honor Pledge for Step One

Upon becoming a candidate for the Registered Parliamentarian credential, the candidate will agree to the Honor Pledge for Step One as follows:

On my honor, I certify that from the time I begin Part One through Part Seven of the Step One online tests in Schoology until after I have clicked the “Finish” button to submit each completed test for grading:

I will neither seek nor accept help from anyone else in answering the questions in the tests in each part.

I will not refer to any sources of parliamentary information or any notes, except that during each test I may make notes from memory on blank paper which I may also use to help figure out the answers to the test questions.

I will not share the content of the tests in Parts 1 through 7 with anyone other than the Commission on Credentialing or those it authorizes.

On my honor, I also certify that from the time I begin Part Eight of the Step One online tests in Schoology until Part Eight has been submitted for grading:

I will neither seek nor accept help from anyone else in answering its questions.

I understand and agree that, although while Part 8 is being timed I may consult RONR (12th ed.) RONR In Brief (3rd ed.) and any other written parliamentary notes or resources as references, I will not consult those sources during untimed portions of Part Eight.

I will not share the content of the Part Eight tests with anyone other than the Commission on Credentialing or those it authorizes.

I understand that there is a 60-minute time limit for questions in Parts 1-7 and that Schoology keeps track of the amount of time it takes each candidate to complete each quiz.

I understand that candidates who fail to comply with these requirements are subject to referral to the NAP Professional Standards Committee for member discipline based on NAP Bylaws Article III, Section 5 and for violation of the Code of Professional Responsibility for Parliamentarians under such provisions as 2.1 and potentially 2.4, and may be disqualified by the Commission from attaining the relevant credentialed status.

IMPORTANT: AFTER clicking on the “Submit” button,  sign on to your account in the Online Store.
Type “RP Exam-New” into the search field.
Click on the product and proceed to pay the application fee.
You will receive login credentials and instructions on how to proceed within five business days.

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