As the new process for credentialing Registered Parliamentarians (RPs) comes closer to implementation, here is what the Credentialing Commission wants NAP members to know:

  1. Anyone who, at the time the new credentialing process takes effect, has successfully completed at least 2 parts of the current registration exam — other than the research (open book) part — will be permitted to attain the RP by successfully completing the rest of the current exam within the time limitations now in effect. The exact date the new credentialing process will take effect has not yet been determined but will be announced in advance. The implementation date will certainly be after June 2019, so anyone who wishes to be credentialed as an RP using the current test has at least through then to successfully complete any 2 qualifying parts of it.
  2. Anyone who is or will be credentialed as an RP under the current system will be given at least approximately two years after the new RP system implementation date to become a PRP under the current system.
  3. No one who holds RP or PRP credentials at the time the new processes to attain RP or PRP credentialing are implemented will be required to go through that process to retain their credentials. The current process for retaining RP and PRP remains in effect.

For further information see Criteria for Credentialing (2nd Preliminary Edition), especially page 14 regarding grandfathering.