Summary of Requirements to Qualify for Registered Parliamentarian (RP)

What do I need to do to become an RP?

In brief, successfully complete three steps:

Step One: Seven online 40-question quizzes, each of which has a total time limit of 60 minutes and evaluates the ability to apply a different category of commonly used parliamentary rules during meetings, and an eighth “open book” quiz of 17 individually timed questions that evaluate a candidate’s ability during a meeting to quickly lookup and advise how to apply less commonly used rules.

Step Two: Several assignments (all “open book”) demonstrating skill in performing the things a parliamentarian should be able to do outside of meetings, like drafting bylaw amendments, answering parliamentary questions, providing workshops, and preparing scripts.

Step Three: The capstone: serving as parliamentarian during a meeting simulation.

How long may the process take?

With the possibility of extensions in certain circumstances,* RP candidates have:
–270 days to successfully complete Step One from the date on which you are sent login and other information necessary to begin;
–180 days after completing Step One to successfully complete Step Two; and
–90 days after completing Step Two to successfully complete Step Three.
These are outside limits, and it is anticipated that most candidates will be able to complete the process in much less time.
A candidate who is unable to meet a deadline, including any extensions, may re-apply. **

* See Rule 10 of Rules Governing Requirements to Qualify for Registered Membership in the National Association of Parliamentarians.
** See Rule 11.

If at first I don’t succeed, may I try, try again?

Yes. For each part in all of the Steps, there are at least 3 opportunities. In Step One, these are named the Red, Green, and Blue versions.

During Step One, each Part of which will be automatically graded by the online software (a “learning management system” called Schoology), if you don’t get at least 34 of the 40 questions right (20 points of the 25 possible for Part 8), you will be encouraged to take a second version after going over what you got wrong and doing some extra study. (The software will tell you the correct answers for the questions you missed.) Be sure that you have carefully reviewed the material described in What Will Be Tested and know exactly why errors were made on the previous test and how to avoid them before taking the next version. If needed, you’ll still have one more opportunity with the third version.

For Step Two, you’ll be working with evaluators who will give you feedback, and as needed provide you with repeated opportunities to succeed Part by Part.

For Step Three, you’ll get feedback from evaluators, and if you don’t successfully complete the first meeting simulation, there will be two additional different versions available to give you other chances.

Where can I get more detailed information?

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