Updated to the 12th Edition

There is a document titled “What Will Be Tested” giving RONR 12th ed. references for the rules to be tested for each of the 8 quizzes (Parts) of Step One. The Commission strongly recommends that the candidate carefully study all of the rules for a Part before starting the quiz for that Part online.

To help the candidate know what to expect on these tests, the Commission has written Practice Quizzes for each Part of Step One. Each consists of questions based on the rules that will be tested for a Part (the actual online quizzes are composed of 40 questions for Parts 1-7 and 25 for Part 8). The practice questions are not identical to those on the actual quizzes, but they are similar in form.

Remember that you are expected to be familiar with all the content in Chapters 1-11 of RONRIB in addition to the rules identified in “What Will Be Tested” for each Part.

Example questions Part Seven-

1. The Springville Yacht Club has a vacancy in the very important Regatta Committee that needs to be filled by the membership at its annual meeting. Xavier Backer moves that the vacancy be filled with a ballot vote. It is seconded. George Walsh rises to a Point of Order and says that a ballot vote is not appropriate for a committee position. As parliamentarian, what would you advise the president?

  1. The point is NOT well taken since this a legitimate method for electing a committee member
  2. The point is well taken since ballot voting is reserved for officer positions and this is just a committee member.
  3. The point is well taken as long as this is an important and controversial election.
  4.  The point is well taken since this is the usual method for selecting members of an important committee, and only a motion to use a different method would be in order at this time.


2. The Nonpartisan Good Government League of Harris County has a provision in its bylaws that the Governor of the State is an ex-officio member of its Board. She is rarely able to attend their meetings. Which of the following would be a correct treatment of her when she is present at a meeting?

  1. She is not counted in determining the quorum, but she has full rights to speak and to vote.
  2. She is not counted in determining the quorum nor does she have the right to speak or to vote.
  3. She is counted as just another member of the board who has full rights and responsibilities except that she is immune from any rules that require attendance at meetings.
  4. She is counted in determining a quorum, but since she is ex-officio she may speak but not vote.


3. The Wine Lovers Society has asked you, as its parliamentarian, to settle some confusion about the rules to be followed by its five-person board. Which of these is NOT a rule applicable to the board?

  1. The chair may participate in debate.
  2. Votes can be taken initially by a show of hands.
  3. Motions require a second.
  4. Subjects may be discussed informally before a motion is made.


4. The Quarter Horse Fanciers has always refrained from giving a full teller’s report at its annual election of officers. Gregory Burns raises a Point of Order when this happens saying that RONR requires the whole teller report to be presented, and he wishes to know how many votes his friend Nancy Reed received for vice-president. Which of the following would be a correct response from the president?

  1. The Point of Order is well taken since custom falls to the ground if a proper Point of Order is raised, and not giving the full teller’s report is contrary to RONR.
  2. The Point of Order is NOT well taken since the custom has taken on the force of a rule since it has been done this way for such a long time.
  3. It will depend on the reason for the custom. If the custom exists to protect the candidate who has a low vote total from being embarrassed, it is acceptable.
  4. There is no rule in RONR about the announcement of the teller’s report, so it will depend on whether there is something in the bylaws about this.


5. The Beta Gamma Fraternity is considering a bylaw amendment to raise the current annual dues from $60 to $100 while not changing the $200 initiation fee. This was properly noticed. At the meeting the following amendments were proposed. Which of the following amendments would be in order?

  1. To raise the dues to $190 a year.
  2. To raise the dues to $95 a year.
  3. To lower the dues to $55 a year.
  4. To lower the initiation fee to $100 while leaving the dues the same.


6. The National Carnation Growers Society is forming a special committee including representatives from each of the 22 states where it has members. This committee is charged with writing new rules about the cross-pollination of various flower colors. Since the members are scattered all over the U.S.A., they want to meet using an electronic platform on the Internet, but there is no provision for electronic meetings in their bylaws. May they do this?

  1. Since the bylaws include no authorization for such a committee to hold electronic meetings, they are not permitted.
  2. Even if the bylaws do not provide for electronic meetings, the special committee may still hold them if the motion creating the committee, or subsequent instructions adopted by the society, include authorization for the committee to do so.
  3. Yes, because RONR recognizes it is not practical to expect such a group to meet in person.
  4. They would be able to meet electronically if they were members of a standing committee, but since they belong to a special committee, they may not hold electronic meetings.


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