Association/Unit Annual Reporting Form

The NAP bylaws state that a current version of chartered associations’ and units’ bylaws needs to be on file with NAP. We developed this form to make that as easy as possible; please use this online form to upload a copy of your bylaws. Remember that whenever you substantively change your bylaws, a copy must be submitted to NAP’s Bylaws Committee for review to ensure they are still compliant with the national bylaws.

We can further ensure our records are up to date by you providing the names and term dates of your association or unit’s current officers.

NAP Bylaws Reference
Associations see the following sections in Article IV: 3E4, 3F3, 3F4, 3F5

Units see the following sections in Article IV: 5D5, 5E3, 5E4, 5E5

Thank you!

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