“I'm glad I made the decision to join NAP. It will help me gain the knowledge needed in settings that often bring confusion.”
New Member Survey

Welcome, New Members!

Congratulations on passing your membership exam, and welcome to the National Association of Parliamentarians. NAP and its members can provide you with a wide variety of tools and resources as you continue to build your understanding of parliamentary procedure.  

The NAP Portal contains a wealth of information about your individual membership, as well as documents that members have exclusive access to.  When you log in to the portal, your email address is your username, and you can create your own secure password. Once you are logged in, you can find your member ID number and membership card. The portal is where you will also find your Digital Library, in the dropdown menu under your name in the upper right corner. This contains items you may download from the NAP Bookstore or NAP University, NAP board meeting documents, and other materials. Note: If prompted by your web browser, be sure to allow cookies, as the site will not function properly without doing so. Watch a video on how to use the NAP Portal.

Many new members are interested in locating fellow NAP members to take advantage of programs and other benefits that units have to offer. Units meet in person or online (or, in some cases, both). The Find a Unit page can show you how many units are in your state. You can also select “Electronic” to review units that are part of NAP’s Electronic Association.    

NAP offers a wide variety of print and online resources for members to improve their understanding of the parliamentary process. In the NAP Bookstore, you will find numerous versions of the latest editions of Robert’s Rules of Order, and a range of different study guides that more closely examine various aspects of the rules. There are also audio recordings of workshops, meeting resources, apparel, and more.  

NAP University is where you can find online workshops, classes, and other presentations, made for and by NAP members. You can also access workshop presentations from our annual events. The NAP Events Calendar lists all of the educational events submitted by units and associations. Many of these events are virtual and can be viewed from anywhere. 
The NAP Portal, Bookstore, and NAP University can all also be easily accessed through links at the top of this website. 

Many members are interested in becoming credentialed, which certifies that they are qualified and competent to serve as a parliamentarian for any organization that hires them. The Registered Parliamentarian Credentialing Exam is held several times each year, and it is administered online. NAP offers members exam rules, a study guide, and performance expectations. There is also a Registered Parliamentarian Prep Course available on NAP University. 

An organization’s governance-related documents are fundamental to understanding its operation and mission.  In addition to reading the NAP Bylaws, the Standing Rules, and NAP Operating Policies and Procedures (NAPOPP), be sure to review the Body of Knowledge, Code of Ethics, and Strategic Plan.  These documents and others can be found on our Resources page.

If you have any questions about your membership, don’t hesitate to contact us