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As meetings are increasingly transitioned to electronic platforms, easy access to information on how to conduct these events virtually is more important than ever. NAP members have the unique opportunity to learn from the best in the parliamentary profession. We are diligently working to create relevant content that will answer your questions about hosting electronic meetings and events. Below are links to some of the excellent resources available to members and non-members. Watch for details about upcoming webinars and offerings.

  • Sample Rules for Electronic Meetings In light of the fact that many organizations are needing to conduct business using electronic meetings, due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Robert’s Rules Association and its publisher Hachette Book Group are making available Sample Rules for Electronic Meetings, which will be included as an appendix in the forthcoming 12th edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. We at the Robert’s Rules Association, our publisher, and our Authorship team hope that releasing this information in advance of the publication of our 12th edition will be of some assistance to help organizations navigate during these challenging times. The PDF available here includes references to the 11th edition of RONR. Download Sample Rules.
  • NAP 5th Tuesday Town Hall Recording: Parliamentary Advice in the World of COVID-19 — This meeting answered questions previously presented to our panelists on a wide range of parliamentary situations. The Town Hall discusses types of electronic meetings, rules for holding electronic meetings, adjusting meeting dates, elections for both officers and delegates, the ethics of electronic meetings, and more. The panelists were Timothy Wynn, PRP, Weldon Merritt, PRP, and Thomas (Burke) Balch, PRP.  Members can view the recording for free by logging into their account.
  • Webinar Recording: Electronic Meetings Platforms, Helping You Bring NAP to the World This workshop presented by David Whitaker, PRP, is designed to introduce the participants to the three most used video conference meeting platforms: Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, and Zoom. It includes a demonstration of each system and a discussion of other types of platforms that can be used to aid in meetings, such as conference calls, Skype, and other platforms. Purchase Webinar Recording.
  • Webinar Recording: Electronic Meetings that Pass Parliamentary Muster — This webinar is an overview of state-of-the-art video conferencing tools and how to use them to achieve essential parliamentary requirements for deliberative assemblies. It focuses on Zoom and internet software for voting. It also provides sample electronic meeting rules. Purchase Webinar Recording.
  • Webinar Recording: Electronic Voting and Elections Part 1: Demonstration of Electronic Voting and Elections — In the advent of COVID-19, organizations across the world are examining electronic meeting platforms, including systems that can conduct elections remotely. This workshop demonstrates how to use ElectionBuddy in the context of annual elections and during membership/board meetings, and discusses the implications of using electronic voting systems under Robert’s Rules of Order. Purchase Webinar Recording.
  • Webinar Recording: Electronic Voting and Elections Part 2: Methods of Absentee Voting – Analog and Digital — In today’s world, many organizations cannot meet in person and are searching for answers on the best ways to decide issues remotely. As parliamentarians, how can we advise groups and clients on the best way to make decisions from a distance? This workshop explores the processes of absentee voting, examines the pros and cons of each, and discusses best practices for voting and holding elections fairly and honestly. Purchase Webinar Recording.
  • Still have questions? Can My Unit or Association Meet During a Public Health Emergency is a step-by-step resource to help you determine whether your unit or association can meet during a public health (or similar) emergency.

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