Volunteer Memo of Understanding

I understand that, in my duty as an elected or appointed member of the National Association of Parliamentarians Board of Directors or of an NAP standing or special committee, I may lead or participate in the creation of works (including but not limited to publications, reports, graphs, charts, artwork, and online content) that are subject to United States and international copyright law.

I understand that the National Association of Parliamentarians invests both time and money in the planning and production of such works, and that these works represent intellectual property of substantial value to the association.

In agreeing to serve the association, I understand that works I create or to which I contribute in serving the organization are the property of the National Association of Parliamentarians, and that I will be expected to explicitly assign copyright for these works to NAP before they are published. I agree that I will assign copyright to the works that I create or to which I contribute as part of my duties to the association, including but not limited to those works listed in any associated committee plan of work.

To prevent misunderstandings and protect my rights, I also agree that if, for the duration of my appointment or term of office, I wish to independently create a copyrightable work that a reasonable person might consider to be related to my office or appointment in the National Association of Parliamentarians, I will deliver to my committee chairman or the NAP President a statement describing my intention, signed by me, and will not proceed substantially with creation of the work until the committee chairman (in the case of work related to a committee of which I am not the chairman) or president (in all other cases) signs a statement approving my independent creation of such work if, in the discretion of the committee chair or president, respectively, such work (i) does not, in fact, relate to my volunteer work with NAP or if NAP upon review of such proposal determines that it does not wish to utilize such work for NAP purposes and (ii) does not detract from my NAP volunteer work or contradict positions taken in such NAP volunteer work. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Failure so to notify the committee chair or president, respectively, shall result in the copyright of any such work vesting in NAP.

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