Registered Parliamentarian Credentialing Change Announcement


The NAP Commission on Credentialing has decided that the Step Three assignment of the 3-step process for obtaining the Registered Parliamentarian (RP®) credential will be a teaching assignment, which includes a demonstration of a segment of providing an educational workshop, and that the meeting simulation previously set as RP Step Three will instead be part of the new PRP credentialing process currently under development by the Commission.  (The teaching assignment was previously considered the last part of RP Step Two.) Thus, the RP® credential will be awarded to candidates upon their successful completion of RP Step One (8-part set of multiple-choice quizzes), RP Step Two (3-part set of written assignments) and RP Step Three (teaching assignment requiring written materials and a teaching demonstration).

Appropriate revisions of the section of the RP credentialing webpages of the NAP website to reflect this change will be made, although they are not yet updated.



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